Full-Service Music, Audio & Sound Solutions

We tailor our "auditory wheelhouse" to exactly what your project needs. If you can hear it, we can make it. With three Emmy's and seven Golden Reel wins, you can feel confident in working with our team to deliver an exceptional and compelling auditory product for your film, video or audio project.  







Sound FX, Foley, Mixing and Editing

When you work with ColorTone, you are working with a multi Emmy Award winning team. Having delivered projects such as live field recordings at the PGA Championship, Sound Design work for Warner Bros (over 70 titles). "The Demolition Man", Sound Supervisor on titles such as An Extremely Goofy Movie, and The Really Mighty Ducks, we are your ultimate Sound partner in delivering compelling audio content to inspire your audience to listen. 

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Music Production, Film Scoring, Royalty-free Music


The importance of delivering an exacting musical score is as critical as the focus on your lens. The textural additives of a quality score bring the elements which deliver the emotional impact of your script. At ColorTone, we have the tools and talent to deliver a sound track which is on point, on time, and on budget. 


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We Help Craft Your Sonic Brand


The importance of designing your audio brand in today's market is more critical than ever. With the exponential growth in video marketing, live streaming, and interactivity through today's personal communication devices, providing targeted audio is a crucial element to building your following. Your audio brand brings an intrinsic quality to the "feel" of your overall brand. At ColorTone's Audio Lab, our design team will deliver a customized audio brand which will become a seamless part of your visual brand. Whether it's audio design for gaming, building a memorable jingle, or creating audio tones to deliver across multiple platforms, ColorTone Music is second to none.